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Created at Red i-d 

Project Title Accessing premium sports content with 'Cryptopucks'

Key Skills Ideating, prototyping, visual Design

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What is Infront-NFT ?

A platform that enables sports fans to purchase rare premium content like rare interviews, footage and merchandise of unforgettable sport games.

Statement of work

In the Design sprint that lasted 2 weeks we aimed to create a unique and attractive experience that convinces users to pay a premium for getting Infront NFT utilities.  


How it works

  • The user browses through sports footage and sees a Call to Action to browse premium collections. 

  • He clicks to get more info about the included content and about different levels of Cryptopuck characters that give access to different kind of plans. 

  • Connects to his wallet on (cryptocurrency exchange app) and purchases a cryptopuck.

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 12.56.08.png
  • The system mints the users cryptopuck character

  • He gets access to the specific content he bought

  • To get another package he goes back to


The visual language for the website was created following the decision to use features from the pixelated characters that were chosen for the cryptopucks. The color pallet that was chosen and the graphic elements give the feeling of a cool, fun and trendy platform.

Frame 87.png

Solutions sketching

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 14.51.01.png

Full Flow

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