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Created at Red i-d studio

Project Title Creating, sharing and managing professional content for frontline employees

Key Skills Stakeholders Interviews, Ideating, Prototyping, User Testing, Visual Design

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What are Bites?

'Bites' are short videos of visual content that a manager creates to train or update his employees in a workplace. 

Statement of work

Create a seamless onboarding experience for bites creators.

The Design Sprint that lasted only 2 weeks, was used to create a clear vision and direction for the project team and to validate ideas (focused around the on-boarding process).


How it works

  • The creator gets inspired by ideas and Inspiration videos that we added in the home page and can use one of them as a starting point.

  • He can choose the format for his bite and start creating one of his own.

  • He films his own content, he adds interactions like questions and surveys to interact with his employees.

  • The creator gets positive feedback on his Bite and can get help with auto enhance tools that the app enables him.

  • The user sends out the bite to the employees and can interact with them by likes and comments. 


The decision to add a section for comments and views stemmed from the thought that it would motivate employees to watch the training Bite videos after seeing everyone is talking about them and to increase the discourse and interest around the Bite.

User Journey

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Story board

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Full Flow

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