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mce Device Lifecycle

Designed at Red i-d studio

Project Title Improving device activation, service and upgrading

Key Skills Stakeholders interviews, ideating, prototyping, user testing, visual design


About the product

MCE Systems is a pioneer in omni channel device lifecycle management. Its industry-leading solutions range across device diagnostics and care, trade-in with a price guarantee, and device returns. 

Project goals

Simplifying the users journey while using the app and making it work without deep integration and to create a process that will convince C level executives to take an end to end DTR project.


How it works

​There are several possible actions in the interface - check and fix problems in the device, check it in order to perform a trade-in and get credit for it, transfer content from an old device to a new one and more..

In the this current flow the focus was on testing the device in order to make a trade-in for it.


After the user performs the relevant tests, he gets a voucher in the value of his device.

The process is a relatively complex process for the user to perform on his own. Throughout designing the prototype, the emphasis was put on simplifying the actions as much as possible so that the user could perform them himself without external help.


After the user receives the voucher for his device, he arrives at a self-service station in one of the selected stores and completes the operation.


Executive Dashboard


Sketches and wireframes 

workshop 1_edited_edited.jpg

Full Flow

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